Stefan Schwanbeck - USG / Tekna CEO

USG was founded in 1998 by Stefan and offers a complete line of products for equestrian sports worldwide. He launched Tekna in 2008 because he belived there was an opportunity in the market for high end, top quality synthetic saddles. Since then he has introduced the LeTek collection, a leather / synthetic hybrid; and the Excellent range which is the luxurious, all leather alternative.

Stefan and his family are keen equestrians, competing in multiple disciplines including eventing and carriage driving.

Sophie Robbins - Tekna UK

Sophie has been riding since she was 4 and is a member of her local British Riding Club where she regularly competes in dressage, showjumping and eventing. She discovered Tekna at the BETA show and fell in love with the brand.

“I’ve always used synthetic saddles, kinder to the horse due its light weight and kinder to the rider due to the low maintenance. Tekna is by far the best of its kind on the market. I have a Tekna GP saddle in chocolate and a LeTek jump saddle in tobacco and I love them, so do my horses and my saddle fitter.”

Her professional career in fashion, marketing and advertising, and her conviction in the Tekna brand has led her to launch a new, dedicated website to sell Tekna products exclusively in the UK. She’s on the end of the phone to offer advice on buying your Tekna saddle, helping you to choose the most suitable type for your horse and discipline and how to measure your horse for the correct width and size.