Tekna® Maximus S Line

There are all sorts of horses whose shapes make finding the right saddle difficult. A saddle that pinches a horse’s shoulders or presses on his withers can have all sorts of negative effects.

The Tekna Maximus has been specifically designed for horses with a wide back and low withers, or ‘mutton withers’, typically cobs, M&Ms, Haflingers, heavy breeds and the loveable Thelwell type.

The Maximus has a great amount of flare and rail spread offering super spine clearance, but with no loss of contact. The exclusively designed Panel System is a pocket composed of a layer of latex, felt and wool flock. This allows a comfortable and even contact with the horse’s back. This also allows for the panels to be re-flocked in the traditional manner for a customised fit to your horse.
It also benefits from detachable knee blocks, the lightweight and strong synthetic tree and replaceable girth straps for a long girth. The Synth-Tek’s breathable characteristics encourage airflow. To ensure the perfect fit the saddle features the Quik-Change® gullet system. The Maximum comes with a 2XW gullet plate. Other sizes are available up to 4XW.
2 years warranty as standard.