Tekna® Dressage

Developed for the serious rider, the Tekna® S Line Dressage Saddle offers the ultimate in adjustability and elegance.
A wide gullet provides proper clearance of your horse’s spine, while an open pommel head is perfect for both high-withered and wide, large-shouldered horses but with no loss of contact. It has a deep, supportive seat that puts you in the proper riding position without restricting your movements. The adjustable long blocks encourage a straighter leg and a better classical alignment. 
The exclusively designed Panel System is a pocket composed of a layer of latex, felt and wool flock. This allows a comfortable and even contact with the horse’s back. This also allows for the panels to be re-flocked in the traditional manner for a customised fit to your horse.

The Synth-Tek’s breathable characteristics encourage airflow and to ensure the perfect fit the saddle features the Quik-Change® gullet system. It comes fitted with a MW gullet plate. Other gullet sizes are available.

Elegance, durability and virtually no maintenance. 2 years warranty as standard.