Tekna® Close Contact Jump

This is Tekna’s flagship jumping and eventing saddle. Built on the lightweight, yet strong, synthetic tree at the core of every Tekna saddle, it has been specifically designed with a more forward cut, short billets, a square cantle and a medium depth seat suitable for jumping, hunting, hacking and cross-country.
The rail spread gives super spine clearance, but with no loss of contact. The exclusively designed Panel System is a pocket composed of a layer of latex, felt and wool flock. This allows a comfortable and even contact with the horse’s back. This allows the panels to be re-flocked in the traditional manner for a customised fit to your horse.
It also benefits from adjustable knee rolls and thigh blocks, allowing the rider to adopt a number of positions and accommodating a range of leg lengths.
The Synth-Tek material is super soft, durable and has breathable characteristics which encourage airflow. To ensure the perfect fit the saddle features the Quik-Change® gullet system. It comes fitted with a MW gullet plate. Other gullet sizes are available.

Elegance, durability and virtually no maintenance.
2 years warranty as standard.